Our Mission

Chilleist is a golf apparel company saving the environment by using recycled fibers in every piece made and leveling the course by unlocking new ways for youth to be part of a sports community.

When you unlock sports in a child’s life, you free them from socioeconomic, mental, and physical health and life skill barriers.

Sports can facilitate the transferable development of skills for use in non-sports settings. These life skills include personal qualities, characteristics, and abilities such as goal setting, emotional control, self-esteem, and work ethic.

Life skills are not acquired automatically but are intentionally coached and transferred to a young person’s life beyond athletics.

Chilleist’s mission is to motivate and inspire children by introducing them to golf, a sport, and community that supports their health and well-being, and the opportunity, motivation, and access to play sports, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex, ability, or zip code.

We invite you to learn more how your local golf community can support youth programs and pay the game of golf forward. Register to be a part of Toys for Tots Drive here

For $50 you can make an immediate impact in a kid’s life by giving the gift of golf.