Chilleist Cares NFP


Unlock every child's potential through the game of golf.

To combine a unique blend of inspiration and sustainable clothing as a means of overcoming the financial and social hurdles in making golf accessible to all children, and imparting a driven lifestyle in them. 

We envision a distinctive fashion brand woven by exceptional tailoring and inspired by dignity to showcase the spirit of giving the gift of golf. 



The Chilleist Mission is to build a community on values and principles that support our children's health and well-being through the game of golf. We aim to remove all barriers and bridge the gaps in golf so that all kids can have the same opportunities. 

 We take pride in transforming the fashion industry by embracing practices that respect both the environment, as well as the people living in it. We aspire to add more value  to our environment-friendly textiles by supporting disadvantaged kids to get access to the wonderful world of golf. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone in this beautiful game, irrespective of their financial situation, which is often a significant barrier in acquiring clubs and golf membership. It is, therefore, in the spirit of giving the we donate 5% of our profits towards sponsoring and mentoring the youngest generations to achieve the mental and physical fitness derived from playing this magical game.  

Quality - We have implemented the best green practices across all design and processing aspects of our clothes to ensure quality, consistency, and environmental-friendliness - We pride ourselves in the clothes we deliver.

Eco-Friendly - Our approaches to achieving our mission ensures that we leave and environment not harmful to the health of the present and future generations of golfers.

Hope - We believe in the possibility of unleashing the potential within every child, regardless of their backgrounds and upbringing. We know that if well nurtured, the opportunities presented will be positively life-changing.

Sustainability - By adopting astute policies to ensure that the child receiving assistance will eventually become a beneficial agent of change to the community, we are enabled to move on to other deserving kids and maintain the positive cycle.

Sportsmanship - We encourage these golfers to continually craft their skill and applaud the ethical, fair, and healthy competition that is cultivated in junior golf.